June 25, 2021

Huff Technologies, Inc.

Business Professional Service / Managed IT Support / Technical Support

Huff Technologies has been serving the greater Jacksonville Florida area for more than a decade. We are committed to our local economy and community, helping small to medium businesses grow and prosper. We understand that all companies are not created equal and strive to provide individually tailored technology solutions. Partnering with our clients, we understand that their success leads to our combined success.

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Huff Technologies realizes that there is an assortment of technologies available to make your business run smoothly. Our goal is to work with your organization to align your business objectives with the right technology and support. We will insure your technology is a reliable, flexible enhancement to your business. We are available to support all of your IT needs or as a supplement to your current staff.

Business Professional Services / IT Consulting:

  • Strategic IT management reviews including planning, budgeting, and compliance
  • Business continuity planning and disaster prevention
  • Monthly service and performance reports
  • Line of business software support
  • Organizational setup aligning users, data, and security
  • Mobile device support: Smart Phones, iPad and Tablets
  • Copier and printer consulting, configuration, and management
  • Cabled and wireless network design
  • Software license management

With Business Professional Services we provide:

  • All of our Managed IT, Technical and Network Security services are included
  • A fixed fee monthly service agreement
  • An account services representative to attend your strategic business meetings as needed
  • An assigned tech that is familiar with your needs, a single point technical contact.
  • Improved reliability and performance of your IT infrastructure


With most businesses, technology services need to be available 24×7. Today smartphones, tablets, and laptops allow users to access email and other data anytime, almost anywhere. To ensure reliable service, your IT hardware and software need continuous around the clock attention. Huff Technologies Managed Services program includes operation monitoring and scheduled proactive preventative maintenance which ensures maximum uptime of your critical technology. We don’t wait for it to break.

Managed IT Services include:

  • 24×7 monitoring with automated alerts
  • Proactive preventative maintenance scheduled after normal business hours
  • Monitoring of internal and external network communications
  • Data backup monitoring
  • Email and internet connectivity monitoring
  • Virus and malware updates
  • Server power and environmental condition monitoring
  • Software and system updates and patches


No one likes to be put on hold and then sent to a queue to wait on the next available support person. And no one likes scheduling a tech support visit within the next few days. If you need support you need to know that an IT professional is there ready to help. Huff Technologies provides professional support technicians that respond to your needs within 1 hour of your request.

  • We assign a technician to your business, trained on your needs
  • All Technicians are professionals employed by Huff Technologies
  • Never an outsourced technician or call center to deal with
  • Automated dispatch system alerting each tech via their smartphone
  • Client accessible portal so you can review your service ticket status and resolution


Rebuilding your technology from the ground up can take days if all you have is a simple file backup copy. In your backup plan you should also include the operating system, software, accounting data, databases, email and the configuration. In addition, network firewalls, switches and other devices also contain software and custom configurations and should be backed up. And finally let’s not forget the information contained in mobile devices such as laptops, smart phones, and tablets.

Today, just backing up the files on your computer isn’t enough. In the event of a disaster, you need to have some way of restoring your technology so your business can operate. Huff Technologies has cost-effective solutions that can help restore your business operations quickly minimizing the time it takes to restore normal operations. Our solutions center on a business continuity plan that is tailored to your needs. Your backup plan can start out with complete system backup and as your needs change can expand to internet-accessible virtual servers that can be used until your hardware can be replaced.

Secure Data Backup and Recovery:

  • The complete operating system, data, and configuration backup
  • Backup snapshots are taken each hour
  • All data is compressed and securely encrypted
  • Data integrity checks are performed ensuring data can be restored reliably
  • Open database backup – while you work
  • Email archiving
  • Cloud or local storage


Historically a network firewall was used to help block intruders from hacking your internal network and to secure remote connections. However today they provide added security and functionality. They can filter unwanted content, block viruses, malware, and more. We can even customize the firewall to block your employees from surfing selected websites or general categories of websites. You can start out with a minimum configuration and at any time customize as needed.

Network Security Services:

  • Firewall monitoring and management
  • Multi office private networks
  • Web site usage monitoring
  • Web site category filtering that block user from surfing potentially harmful websites
  • Blocking of viruses and malware from websites
  • Email spam filtering and with virus and malware protection
  • Traffic, bandwidth, and other usage reports